Philippines struck by 3 earthquakes in 20 minuets

The Philippines experienced a earthquake swarm this afternoon at about 3 pm Philippines time. The earthquakes occurred on the island of Luzon near the city of Batangas. Luzon is the largest and most populated island in the Philippines. The third earthquake to hit was the strongest measuring  5.9 mm. The USGS said the quake was at a depth of 42.7 km (27 miles). After the earthquakes the residents fled the coastal city for higher ground because they feared the earthquake could produce a Tsunami. “Residents in the coastal villages in two towns have evacuated to safer ground after the earthquakes,” Lito Castro, head of the provincial disaster council, told local radio. “The people were afraid the earthquakes would generate a tsunami.” I find this fact interesting because if the earthquake occurred in a non coastal location peoples reaction to the earthquake would possibly be different. The people of the Philippines are aware of the  of earthquakes causing tsunamis so they immediately know to flee to higher ground. ” The area is still experiencing aftershocks. Fortunately, so far there are no reports of casualties.


2 thoughts on “Philippines struck by 3 earthquakes in 20 minuets

  1. This really shows how people can turn disasters into catastrophes. The people here knew that tsunamis were possible so the fled to higher ground and thankfully there were no tsunamis. If this had been in an area that was not tsunami prone, and a tsunami actually came, it would have caused huge problems and been a catastrophe.

  2. I feel like there were no casualities so far because the residents know how to react to this type of incident. the residents acted wisely instead of waiting on being told what to do. I feel as though this situation would not have turned out as well as it did (considering the circumstances) if it had taken place somewhere else.

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