Carolinas bracing for next round of severe weather

Update of Severe Weather outbreak in the South April 6th, 2017

The Carolinas are bracing themselves for severe weather that has crossed the southern portion of the US leaving damage from tornadoes and flooding. The first round of severe weather produced snow, hail, and heavy rains that lead to flooding in areas. Coastal areas are to be on the lookout for waterspouts and high storm surge.

The NWS is asking residents to keep radios and cell phones with them ahead of these storms to get immediate warnings and updates. Schools have delayed opening to avoid students traveling during until the storms have passed.

Luckily throughout the southeast there have been limited death and injury reports follow these storms. However, residents are without power and the damage from possible, and known, tornadoes is significant.

The image below shows flooding in Atlanta from the storm that is bound for the Carolinas. Severe flooding is a factor in these severe storms.