Three NWS radar sites down during severe weather outbreak

Severe thunderstorms will continue to put lives and property in danger as they march across portions of the Southeast and parts of the Ohio Valley. Three National Weather Service radars are malfunctioning and out of service in southern Georgia and southeast Alabama, as the area is impacted by severe weather and strong tornadoes.

However, to continue to keep people aware of the local weather and threats, AccuWeather-produced services remain available and reliable during this outage.

To give eyes on the ground to report sited tornadoes, the NWS Birmingham office sent out notices on social media requesting assistance from storm spotters. These storm reports are enabled by special technology patented by an AccuWeather company, and licensed free of charge to NOAA as a public service, for storm reporting in such situations.

This article is a great example of how our society today has become so advanced and how much it helps with mitigation of serious loss and damage done to communities by severe weather. Even when the national stations have been taken out by the extreme forces of these systems, we are still able to communicate with each other and keep all of the nation up to date on the storms.