Cyclone Debbie: Queensland premier says repair bill could run into billions

In the process of starting to repair Australia from the cyclone Debbie, it has been estimated that damage costs could run into the billions. Including the many homes that were destroyed, over 300 schools also need to be repaired. However, although things are being managed well with Cyclone Debbie, reports are also optimistic that the Fitzroy river would not surge to the  peak of 9.4 meters later this week, which would have  promised the worst floods in Rockhampton for decades. Although the possible flood for Fitzroy river has been decreased, the warning for the area is still being issued. Around 5,400 homes and businesses in the area, as well as railroads are under this area of warning. On Monday, crews will continue to go from home to home to inform people to evacuate.

Because of all of the damage that was caused from Cyclone Debbie, all of the 80,00 residents in the area will be urged to leave by Wednesday. The death toll has been surprisingly low in the wake of the disaster, only five deaths have been reported. Three men and two women were killed in separate incidents on Friday and Saturday. Three men and two women were killed in separate incidents on Friday and Saturday.Four of the deaths occurred in northern area. Lismore mayor Isaac Smith stated that the area looked like a, “war zone.” Lismore residents have been given the all-clear to return home but there were nine evacuation orders in place. Also, people have been warned to be wary of the water, as it may not be safe to drink. Authorities have stated that they understand people are irritated they aren’t allowed to return to their homes yet. It was interesting to me that so many people were willing to leave their homes because of the flooding. In some cases of natural disasters, one of the things that contribute to the deaths was people being unwilling to leave their homes despite warnings.



Low lying properties next to the swollen Fitzroy river in Rockhampton on Monday. Photograph: Dan Peled/AAP

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  1. It has now been confirmed that Cyclone Debbie caused about 1.3 billion dollars of damage that insurance companies are now paying out. According to insurers, the cost was particularly high because it hit a highly populated, “commercially active” area. Both residential areas and commercial buildings were destroyed by this cyclone, as well as power lines, tourist resorts, and coal mines. A reported six people were killed by this cyclone. This event made me think of when we talked in class about MDCs vs. LDCs. As a wealthier and more industrialized country, Australia didn’t suffer a large death toll; while these six deaths are a tragedy, this event would’ve been far more deadly if Australia was an LDC that didn’t have the resources to deal with the disaster. However, as a wealthy and commercialized MDC, Australia did suffer a very large financial hit from this cyclone.

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