4.1 Magnitude Earthquake strikes Oklahoma

Initially rated as a 4.4, U.S. Geological Survey officials have downgraded an earthquake which struck a northern, remote area of Oklahoma this past Wednesday at 10:37am. Shaking was most felt by Grant County, in between Medford and Deer Creek, about 95 miles north of Oklahoma City. Grant County Emergency Management director, Brandon Fetters, stated that the quake “struck an isolated area and there are no reports of injuries or damage.”

In recent years, thousands of earthquakes have been recorded in the state of Oklahoma. Many can be linked to the underground injection of wastewater from oil fracking operations. Due to the upswing in somewhat low magnitude earthquakes, environmental and policy regulators have directed oil and natural gas producers to close up several water disposal wells and/or reduce the injected volume of fluids.
As a result of oil and natural gas companies’ endeavors, further internet research shows these startling statistics in Oklahoma alone:

  • “15 earthquakes in the past 7 days
  • 113 earthquakes in the past 30 days
  • 1,410 earthquakes in the past 365 days”

Additionally, an earthquake tracker link has been provided at the bottom, which logs the locations, magnitudes, and times of all of Oklahoma’s earthquakes. Just on the first page of the earthquake statistics, it appears that Oklahoma has experienced at least one low-magnitude earthquake every day for the past ten days.

Source: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/03/29/the-associated-press-officials-now-say-northern-oklahoma-earthquake-41-magnitude.html

Earthquake Tracker: http://earthquaketrack.com/p/united-states/oklahoma/recent