Cyclone Debbie: police fear fatalities with extent of damage unclear

Australia’s recent weeks of natural disasters have created Cyclone Debbie. Because the damage has been so extensive, officials are unclear of magnitude will be, also people have been warned that deaths may result. Despite these grim reports, the Queensland government has evacuated many individuals from dangerous areas. Weather  experts are warning that things will not start to normalize until Wednesday evening.  Although many of the homes that were built in Bowen had been built to withstand cyclones, it was reported that a majority of these houses were torn apart. This has caused a great deal of environmental damage. There continues to be ongoing rain in Bowen and surrounding areas which  further contributes to making damage assessment difficult for experts to gage.

Although it has been difficult to determine the damage that Cyclone Debbie caused on a general scale, people who witnessed and felt the storm had a lot to report. Rosalind Willcocks, a local resident of Hideaway Bay described  how destructive Debbie was. “It’s just destroyed our trees and our garden. The buildings are brick but we did lose a barbecue, fridge, things like that went flying off.” Tony Fontes, who is a tourist driver described a similar situation. He states that based on the wind, and the trees that he saw falling inti the water because of the storm, would cause damage to the coal reefs. Although he says that this has happened before, Fontes still sees this as an awful result that continues to mess with the environment. In a statement that was released by the Bureau of Meteorology, the most populated area at the southern edge of the cyclone watch zone, had missed out on a disastrous storm surge by only a small amount. Because the storm happened later than expected, rain did not cause as serious damage as was anticipated, but is estimated to continue until tomorrow.


Queensland’s premier described Cyclone Debbie as ‘incredibly scary’ and said the state would be feeling its impact for up to five days. Photograph: Bureau of Meteorology/EPA

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  1. Cyclone Debbie made landfall in Queensland, Australia as a category 4 cyclone with sustained winds of 185 km/h (114 mph) with gusts up to 260 km/h (160 mph). So far one death has been reported and there are multiple injuries. The damage caused by Debbie is pretty extensive. It destroyed buildings and knocked down trees and power lines and caused flooding. Boats have been tossed inland and are stranded. Proserpine, Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands are running low on fresh water. Marine scientists are also worried about the damage to the Great Barrier Reef that was caused by the cyclone. The director of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park worried that there would be “high damage to the ecosystem due to the intensity and slow movement of the cyclone.”

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