Australia Prepares for Cyclone Debbie

Category 4 storm Cyclone Debbie is currently heading towards Australia’s northeastern Queensland coast. Residents of low-lying coastal areas in the storm’s path were urged to evacuate before it became too late, and an estimated 3,500 people have already left. The storm was expected to escalate to Category 5 status by its projected landfall Tuesday morning. Already, one death has been tied to the storm. Officials report that Debbie is the largest of its kind since 2011 Cyclone Yasi. Officials fear widespread flooding and extremely high winds powerful enough to blow cars away.

Read the NY Times story here.

One thought on “Australia Prepares for Cyclone Debbie

  1. Although the Hurricane looks like it will be huge and devastating, It is good that they were able to predict the path of the hurricane right, so people could have time to evacuate and prepare for the storm.

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