Deadly flood in Peru

There was recently a flood in Peru that left 67 people dead after high ocean temperatures poured down on Peru. The infrastructure in a lot of Peruvian regions was completely obliterated by the flood. To make matters worse, a wildfire tore through Peru and burned more than hundreds of thousands of acres of land after the flood. The education minister stated that $800 million was saved up to help the hard hit areas of the flood. Peru has not seen this gravity of a natural disaster in almost 100 years, so the residents were very vulnerable. Many believe that the disaster was caused by climate change.

One thought on “Deadly flood in Peru

  1. Peru is experiencing one of their worse floods that they have occurred in 30 years. Above it states that there was 67 deaths, but unfortunately that death rate has rose to more than 70. Water temperatures are 7-9˚ F, which is below freezing and people who become submerge in them are more than likely to get hypothermia. Mayor of Nuevo Chimbote, Valentin Fernandez says that, ““There’s no electricity, no drinking water … no transit because streets are flooded,”created an extremely difficult way of life. In order to get around and rescued those in need, people have been needing to use zip lines, and secured ropes. Houses are damaged, food can no longer be currently grown and are hard to find, and any form of automobile for transportation are submerged under muddy water. Life for Peruvians are proving to be extremely difficult and heartbreaking.,scalefit_600_noupscale/58d032511d0000cf3b7cf6a2.jpeg

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