East Coast Blizzard

Currently the East Coast of the US has been experiencing Blizzard conditions that has created a sense of uncertainty for a lot of residents- especially Virginians- who in my opinion aren’t equipped to cope with such conditions. Virginia’s recorded precipitation related to this storm was on the lower end of the statistics, yet there were a lot of counties including my hometown (Fairfax County) that closed schools, according to fcps.edu. The New England states were more heavily impacted, but I feel as though those residents aren’t as frantic since they are used to colder conditions compared to the more southern states that were impacted. My family lives in Alexandria (43 miles north of Fredericksburg) and it amazes me that there is not much of a distance difference from Fredericksburg, yet they were more heavily impacted by the storm. There are more Inches of snow sticking in Alexandria instead of the ice/puddles that we have in Fredericksburg since the temperature has already risen to the mid 40’s today.