Maui Faces Flash Flood Watch

On Tuesday the island of Maui was faced with heavy pouring downfalls resulting in flash floods that stranded locals and completely submerged residences. Motorists were trapped inside their cars on the roads during the torrential rain, while other were washed away. Seven people had to be rescued from South Kihei Road. Initially the state was under a Flash Flood Warning, but this has since expired and been reclassified as a Flash Flood Watch through late Wednesday. Witnesses say that the storm came suddenly and with force. Resident Vernon Kalanikau and his wife were able to get to safety in time where they were able to observe the damage the flash flood brought with it. He described watching what started out as a small trickle by the Kulanihakoi Bridge in five minutes turn into a swift stream and then a full out river as it carried away debris and cars.

Cars and homes submerged by the Flash Floods. Photo: Kevin Olson.