Personal Experience

Hey everyone!  Not sure if this counts as a natural hazard, but this weekend I experienced some pretty crazy weather.  I was down in Williamsburg for work, I was working a soccer tournament, and we expected it to rain on Saturday, but what had actually happened was a lot more than what we planned for.  All day Saturday it was bright, sunny, windy and 70 degrees, which is a beautiful day for soccer!  I was constantly looking at the weather forecast on my phone, which changed every 5 minutes!  I thought it was crazy because we have all this technology to predict weather, but we still couldn’t tell when or if the storm was actually going to hit!  By 3:30-4 I saw the first lightning bolt.  For those that don’t know, once you see lightning you must wait for 30 minutes before you can start playing again and if it keeps on going, you keep restarting the 30 minutes until you go an entire 30 minutes without seeing any lightning.  So all of our games were put on pause, but no one was leaving the field because it wasn’t raining at this point.  I was under a tent even when the lightning was happening until it picked up its frequency and my boss told everyone to take shelter in either cars/buses or under this pavilion where the bathrooms were.  I stayed under the pavilion with all of my coworkers and within minutes it went from calm to torrential rain and wind.  We stood in front of the bathrooms so we were protected from the wind but everything else that wasn’t pinned down went flying everywhere!  My boss started freaking out because some of the gear we were selling flew out of our tent and the clothes were absolutely ruined.  This lasted all of maybe 30 minutes? And then it was completely cleared up.  We collected some of the debris that flew away, but once the rain let up we saw a rainbow and everything went back to normal.  We continued playing the rest of the regularly scheduled games and no one batted an eye about the horrible rainstorm that just happened.  Aside from the clothes we lost, there wasn’t much damage and thankfully no one was hurt.  I know some other crazy weather happened this weekend, but since I’ve been in this class I was looking for other things that I normally wouldn’t, like damage and recovery.