Gas-Fired Power Plants Fail in New South Wales due to Heat Wave

On February 10th, the heat wave broke records which greatly affected their electricity supply. The state government told people to reduce the amount of electricity they use, however, it did not work because there were still a bunch of supply failures. It was reported ¬†yesterday that the Colongra gas-fired plant could not start up due to the low gas pressure, output was reduced from two coal-fired plants, thermal generators reduced their output, and solar and wind generation were also reduced by 300MW. Due to all of these factors, the system failed. In order to fix this problem the government decided to completely shut off the electricity for a couple of days. While the smelter’s pot-lines were shut off, there were workers that still had to work in this excruciating heat to get the electricity supplies to work. The smelter’s pot-lines were turned off for 75 minutes three times in order to save the plant’s equipment. Residents of Western Victoria were warned that they may have a few blackouts due to the pot-lines being shut down.