Bush Fires in New South Wales , Australia.

On friday, hot and windy conditions came to New South Wales Australia and a quick blaze started. The RFS (rural fire service) sent out a notice to residents in the vulnerable area to find safe shelter. So far, 15 homes have been lost to the fires and officials expect the number to rise. Officials say that they have trouble controlling these fires because they are unpredictable, and when it’s dry, start with very little warning. The RFS uses a variety of tactics to keep the fires under control and eventually put them out. They use firetrucks, firemen on the ground and aircraft .Fires are not uncommon in this area of Australia. The flat ground, low lying shrubs and dry, hot climate makes it the ideal place for a forest fire. So far, the only injury from the fires so far is a fireman.


One thought on “Bush Fires in New South Wales , Australia.

  1. It surprises me that people would want to live in this area knowing the risk. I remember reading that eucalyptus plants naturally contain a flammable oil. They burn along with the rest of the shrubs and trees but they survive because they can tolerate a much higher temperature, its essentially a built in way of competition. I would imagine that the best way of dealing with such issues would be to allow nature to run its course and have the fires burn, along with perhaps instituting natural ways of conserving water and aiding with making the season less dry. Such as planting water conserving plants instead of green lawns which look pretty.

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