Houston Tornadoes Injures 7

Early Tuesday morning a series of severe storms spawned at least 6 tornadoes in southeastern Texas near the Houston Metro. One city majorly affected by these tornadoes was Van Vleck, Texas. The Associated Press reported at least 7 people being transported to the hospital for injuries sustained as a result of the tornadoes.  One injury came to a mother who shielded her child from the tornado as it flipped their mobile home. The mother is still in the hospital with a possible spine injury. The structural damage the city sustained from the tornadoes was approximately a mile long. Recreational vehicles were flipped, tops of trees were twisted off, and homes were completely uprooted among other incidents.



One thought on “Houston Tornadoes Injures 7

  1. The disaster that has hit Texas, although very damaging, left not that many people injured. Here I think that it is important to discuss risk and other things that follow. As we know, this state, is known for these types of disasters, therefore, although it did occur, it is important to keep in mind that those living in that area, had some knowledge of that they could have been facing as a result of where they chose to live. Risk is measured by the probability of something happening, over the consequences that result from our actions. It is mentioned that one of the individuals who were injured, lived in a mobile home. To me, this suggest perhaps the mother did not have the proper technology or information system(s) to be properly warned about the disaster that hit them. Because of this, both she and her son, faced greater odds at being at risk for the event which occurred.

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