Central New Zealand Shaken By Earthquake

“A ‘severe’ magnitude 5.2 earthquake in North Canterbury has been felt across the country.

The quake, which struck at 9.19am, was centered 15km north-west of Culverden at a depth of 9km, GeoNet reported.

It was felt by more than 1300 people.

GeoNet duty seismologist Dr Anna Kaiser said it was certain the shake was an aftershock from the big Kaikoura one on November 14.

‘That’s definitely within the aftershock area of the Kaikoura earthquake.’

She said it was ‘very typical’ to see that type of aftershock following a quake of the magnitude of the one in November.

As of January 19, GeoNet had predicted an 89 per cent chance of one or more aftershock between magnitude 5 and magnitude 5.9 occurring on the next 30 days.”