High Winds Investigated As Cause of Crash

The Chesapeake Bay  Bridge Tunnel has seen its share of accidents, but Thursday, February 9, 2017 saw a tractor-trailer plunge into the Bay.  Despite a quick rescue by the U.S. Navy, the driver died in transit to the hospital.  The crash is under investigation following travel restrictions on the Bridge Tunnel due to winds in excess of 60mph in the area.

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One thought on “High Winds Investigated As Cause of Crash

  1. I wonder how effective their communications are? I read on their weather conditions site that they post on Twitter, make mobile app notifications or to call them. I have only been on the CBBT once or twice and its been a long time, but wonder if they have adequate signage to communicate this hazard. Also I would imagine sudden gusts of high winds would create a hazard for large vehicles like this tractor trailer. I know when my old fire department operated in hurricane or very high wind conditions, there was a point at which responses with apparatus stopped due to winds. I realize this is a different scenario and are normal conditions for this transportation corridor. Their site is


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