Violent Storms in France and Spain

A series of violent storms are currently battering the coasts of France and Spain. This has resulted in loss of power in areas and damage to infrastructure. As of yesterday, 250,000 homes┬áhave been left without electricity in southwest France, while the Atlantic coastline in Portugal, northern Spain and France have been experiencing storm-driven waves and high winds of around 150 km/hr. Damage to a stadium’s roof in Spain caused the postponement of a futbol match. The pictures in the article show high waves hitting the shoreline and the damaging effects of high winds. Read the Al Jazeera story here.

2 thoughts on “Violent Storms in France and Spain

  1. These recent storms that are occurring over France and Spain, have resulted in a massive loss of loss of life and of power. Because all of the damage occurred at such a high number, I think that it us important to consider contributing factors. As discussed in class today, there are factors that cannot be changed, and ones that can be adapted over time. Of the damage that has been recorded so far, I believe that the high fatality rates happened because all of the locations are high in tourism. With this being said, I am left to assume that over half of the population is not from those countries. This means that because foreigners are present, they have no understanding of the regulations that have been put forth in every country in regards to this amount of damage. Portugal, northern Spain and France have been experiencing storm-driven waves and high winds of around 150 km/hr. Again, I come back to my point of tourism, the population is at a ever-changing rate. Therefore, it can be said that population is not a fixed variable. However, what can be changed is the construction of these locations. I believe that it would be wise to have boundaries in more popular areas within these countries in order to lessen damage, and tourist and other outsiders must be further educated on electricity regulations. I also think individuals should do more research on where to live in these said locations, so that they are not so vulnerable to future events such as these.

  2. Wow, I hadn’t heard about the powerful storms that hit the coast of France and Spain. The number of homes that were left without electricity is staggering. I was surprised by the images in the article which illustrate the extent of the damage caused by the storm and its notably strong winds. To lessen the impact of the intensity of the waves on residential areas, developers could propose a floor plan that includes the application of certain building materials during construction. For example, utilizing bricks, stone, or concrete for the exterior of the building instead of wood framing could help withstand the pressure of the water when the waves hit.

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