Avalanches Kill At Least 119 on Afghan-Pakistani border

Heavy snowfall along the Afghan-Pakistani border triggered a deadly avalanche that killed at least 119 people. In one area, more than 2,500 acres of farmland has been destroyed due avalanches in multiple provinces. Due to the heavily snow blocked roads slowing rescue teams, the death toll could be expected to rise. The article states the United Nations has offered assistance.


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  1. According to the Guardian page, as of today, the death toll has unfortunately surpassed 137. Rescue workers believe they may be survivors trapped beneath snow and are struggling to reach Nuristan by helicopter. Of the current death toll statistic, 53 of the 137 deaths occurred in just one village. Ten feet of snow still blocks many roadways and leaves rescue workers at a disadvantage in trying to conduct search and rescue operations. However, victims whom they are able to reach are being evacuated to Jalalabad to receive medical treatment.

    Other losses that have been reported by the Guardian include the destruction of dozens of homes and livestock. This tragedy comes just after snow and freezing weather claimed the lives of 27 children under the age of five in another province.

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