Record Breaking Cold Following Winter Storm Thor

The last round of artic air of the winter is expected to blast through the Midwest, South, and North East Thursday and Friday. After record breaking low temperatures in February, this extreme cold trend is expected to continue through this first week of March. It is expected that some cities could see their lowest temperatures recorded in decades, surprising so late in the winter season. For example, if Chicago hits subzero temperatures on Thursday and Friday, those days would be the latest dates in the season recorded at below zero temperatures. The snow may play a role in these extreme temperatures. What’s also interesting about this is the contrast in temperatures of areas located close to each other geographically. For example, in Tunica, Mississippi, the temperature on Wednesday was 37 degrees, while on the same day in Aberdeen, Mississippi the temperature was 81 degrees.These differences in temperatures can be explained by the frigid air mass the collided with mild conditions in the south on Wednesday.