4.0 Earthquake Shakes Kosovo, Serbia


The Seismology Survey of Serbia reported that a 4.0 earthquake hit Serbia on Tuesday, January 20 2015. The epicenter was in Pec city in western Kosovo and was 6.2 miles deep. 15 minutes later an earthquake with a 2.6 magnitude was recorded. This epicenter was located 16 miles west of Istok, Kosovo. No damage or injuries have been reported from the earthquake. The last time an earthquake killed any one in Serbia was in November 2010, in a magnitude 5.3 earthquake.



This earthquake didn’t have an major disastrous effects, but I think it’s important to acknowledged it happen so that Serbia and other countries can better prepare for future earthquakes. I thought this was interesting because there was 5.8 magnitude earthquake near where I lived and I remember the damage this caused in the epicenter, Louisa, Virginia. In the 2010 earthquake in Serbia, which was a magnitude 5.3 earthquake, 2 people were killed and about 100 were injured. The epicenter was in central Serbia, near the capital, and many buildings were harmed and parts of the city went without water and electricity. It’s interesting to compare the impact of earthquakes in two vastly different parts of the world. It makes me wonder how developed Serbia is and what would have happened if the recent January 20 earthquake had been of greater magnitude and had caused more damage/deaths.



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  1. There are also other physical factors, like how deep the earthquake was (shallow = more damage) and what kind of substrate it occurred in (igneous rocks don’t shake as much; sedimentary rocks shake a lot; saturated sediments, like wetlands or dockside ‘fill’ will liquify!)

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