Tropical Storm Imelda

Last week, in  the Indian Ocean, a strong weather system formed. It was known as “93S”. Weather and geological services have been tracking it ever since. According to, Cilly Manjaro on The Watchers website, “by April 6, 2013, 93S consolidated and became a tropical depression that has strengthened into a tropical storm, and is expected to continue strengthening to hurricane-force system. ” Now it is Tropical Storm Imelda.

The US Navy operates a Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), which was observing the storm. The JTWC noted wind speeds of 40 knots on . But  this week, it appeared the storm was growing.  It was heading West, towards Africa.

Now, African authorities have reason to fear. The storm’s course is not very clear, it looked to be heading toward Madagascar, and now Mauritius. However, what is certain is that it is gaining strength. The JTWC and the La Reunion weather service expect that it will reach at least Category 2 hurricane status by tomorrow. If this storm makes landfall as a hurricane, damage could be severe. The poor countries of southern Africa are vulnerable to natural hazard.