WIldfires On the East Coast


The above link is an article from MSNBC about the wildfires on the eastcoast, resulting from the conditions that led to yesterdays “Red flag” warning.

The major focus of the article is on a wildfire that is the combination of two previous fires on Long Island. In such a densely populated area, such a “wildfire” can almost certainly be attributed to lack of public knowledge and education about what a “red flag” warning is and means.

The article notes that over 1000 acres in Suffolk county, NY, have been burned, as well as private residences and commercial properties. The wildfires are so prevalent not only because of the wind, but were already likely from the extremely dry winter and (so far…) spring.



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  1. This follow-up article, also from MSNBC, calls this winter/spring the “Perfect Recipe” for wildfires:


    This “perfect recipe” is a combination of warm and dry weather for the majority of the US from Janaury through the present. Additionally, many areas have been suffering from drought for years prior to this one, and were already prone to burning even before 2012 began.

    Again, education is the easiest way to prevent these large-scale fires before they happen. Brushfires can spread rapidly when fueled by high winds, such as what we experienced Monday evening. Additionally, these fires can rapidly become locally expensive disasters, not only concerning private and commercial property damage but also damage to ecosystems, infrastructure, and expenses during the fighting of the fire itself.

  2. This article from weather.com: http://www.weather.com/outlook/weather-news/news/articles/eastern-seaboard-wildfires_2012-04-11 also talks about the wildfires and the dangers for more. Nearly 100 wildfires are currently burning in Florida, some of which are in swampland and so are difficult to fight. Some are being fought in New Jersey, and one has been contained on Long Island, New York. There have also been fires on national forestland in Virginia, so that parts of I-64 and other roads have been closed down. Unfortunately, the southeast and most of the east is still expected to experience this dry weather and wind at least until the middle of next week, so most of them are preparing for the worst. As Tommy said, they have the red flag warnings, and you can see that alert on weather.com, but people don’t seem to give much credit to those warnings. They might be more careful if the media made them more aware of the wildfires that are happening.

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