Looking Back at Sendai

A few weeks ago I made a post talking about how media played a vital role in getting the news out quickly that Japan had been hit with a massive earthquake and tsunami. Even now, there is still so much about the tsunami coming out of Japan, not just the damage, but the spirit the Japanese when faced with pretty much the biggest natural disaster to ever hit their country. On my first post concerning the earthquake, I mentioned a band named Monkey Majik whose two frontmembers, brothers from Canada, were constantly updating Twitter with news. Even today, the brothers are constantly sending out pictures while they stay in Sendai, where their main studio and their home is, helping with the clean up. For those of you who don’t remember, Sendai is considered one of the worst areas hit by the tsunami since it was the closest city to the epicenter of the earthquake itself. Below, I’ve posted a video found on a friends blog (who is teaching English in Japan) that was made by Blaise Plant, one of the brothers, showing personally the damage and clean up efforts.

This sort of personal video showing just what is being done is more amazing than anything the news has shown us. No helicopter footage but just a handheld camera following some of Sendai’s residents trying to clean up their home. And as a heartwarming tidbit, at 2:18, the boy says “Ganbaru Nippon” which roughly translates to “Keep Going, Japan”. The Japanese spirit during this time of such crisis and need is absolutely heartwarming and fantastic. And now, here’s the video made by Blaise Plant of the Japanese band Monkey Majik:

Japan Earthquake \”take my hand\” (SHORT VERSION) by Blaise Plant

Source: http://superhappyawesome.wordpress.com/2011/04/07/monkey-majik-after-the-quake-video/


Literally just as I posted that, Blaise sent out a tweet (followed by others Tweeting about it) saying that there was another earthquake (rougly a 7.4) and a tsunami warning has been issued. No official word other than the Japan Meteorological Agency and the USGS has been issued yet concerning the earthquake and nothing other than Twitter is saying anything about a tsunami warning (or a supposed 1 meter wave that hit the Miyagi coast). We’ll just have to see what the news says about this newest wave of earthquakes and tsunamis. I hope that everyone in Japan will be safe.

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