Landslides in Mizoram, India

Pre-monsoon rains have caused landslides that have cut Mizoram, India off from the rest of the country. These landslides blocked the National Highway 54, successfully preventing people from entering the state. The landslides are the result of a week long constant rain, which is not even part of the typical monsoon rains. Landslides occurred in the southern part of Mizoram, a north eastern state whose capital, Aizawl was also impacted by these landslides. The damage thus far includes downed communication lines, and a collapsed three story building. No news on any deaths or injuries.

These landslides are clearly a result of the lack of cohesion of whatever kind of sediment surrounds the state of Mizoram. THis article though leaves me with several questions. What I am most curious about is where exactly this city is located, and what the topography of the region is. I wonder if there was a way this could have been prevented and if events like these are typical in this area. I know that many places in India are extremely poor, and there is probably a good chance that the people in this state can not afford to put into place many mitigation efforts even if they know that they need them. Lastly I do not even want to think about the implications this event has on the incoming monsoon rains and what kind of damage they will no be able to cause because of the already weakened, saturated soil. We will just have to see what events transpire after this one.

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  1. It is interesting to note that sink holes are also occurring at an accelerated rate in Mizoram. Aizawl, Mizoram’s capital city, has seen the more than 100 homes vacated due to potential sinking in the past year. The sinking is likely due to carbonate or soluble rocks being dissolved by either natural circulating ground water or improper drainage runoff. Funds are being attained to fix identified drainage issues and to build retaining wall for further landslides. I would be interested to see based off of topography and other identifiable factors what is causing the and slides too. Could there be water soluble cliffs made of Limestone? Could it be loose sediment from a retreating glacier?

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