Flash Flood Through Raleigh, NC – At Least 1 Found Dead

Today, April 25th, 2017, torrential rain triggered widespread flash flooding that swamped homes and businesses, shut down roads and stranded vehicles.  Over 100 roads are officially closed off across the state; some of them were reopened by the afternoon.  Crabtree Creek was among the hardest hit areas, which accumulated over 17 feet of water since Monday morning.  Students of Vernon Malone Career and College Academy and Southeast Raleigh High School were evacuated by 10:00 AM.  About 2,700 Duke Energy customers are without electricity according to the Associated Press.

This flash flood has has rainfall which exceeded that of Hurricane Matthew In early October of 2016 for the Raleigh metro area.  The rain was supposed to end by late Tuesday, as the low-pressure system moves up the East Coast.


3 thoughts on “Flash Flood Through Raleigh, NC – At Least 1 Found Dead

  1. What really caught my eye about this post is the fact that according to your source, the rainfall of this past flash flood exceeded that of Hurricane Matthew. It’s strange to think that some spring rain can be more damaging than a hurricane if the conditions are correct. Seeing as we just did an assignment about flash floods, I really understand the danger attached, but it still seems so shocking that what I considered to be an annoying bout of spring rain can destroy so much.

  2. It is kind of interesting to me now looking at this flash flood after all of the work we on flash floods last week. I find it amazing that there is more rainfall accumulated for this storm than for Hurricane Matthew. I am also curious to know if there were any variables that may have changed since the hurricane which would have caused more chances for destruction by the heavy rainfall. I also wonder if because of Hurricane Matthew, a lot of vegetation was removed by the rain and high speed winds which could have caused the land to loosen a bit. I think the police and emergency responders made really good decisions evacuating the University and closing the roads because 17ft of water is a lot and could have caused more damage and affected peoples lives.

  3. In addition to the flash flood, major river flooding is expected to occur later in the week and into the weekend. In Elkin, North Carolina, the Yadkin River approached moderate flood stage after rising from nearly 5 feet to 20 feet since Sunday. Major flooding was observed along the Neuse River in the towns of Clayton and Smithfield as of 9 a.m. Wednesday. The Cashie River near Windsor will experience significant flooding through Thursday and officials say that could impact properties in low-lying areas.
    Additionally, The National Weather Service said major river flooding is possible for the Tar River by late this weekend and into early next week.


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