Sinkholes in Florida

Sinkholes are so common in Florida that homeowners are required to get insurance. They are so prone to these sinkholes because “there are caverns below ground of limestone, a porous rock that easily dissolves in water.” On Friday, March 1, 2013, a sinkhole swallowed Tampa resident Jeff Bush’s bedroom. The sinkhole was estimated to be 20 feet deep and 20 feet wide. Jeff Bush is feared dead. Neighbors aren’t allowed in their homes because officials fear that the sinkhole will expand. According to Jeff’s brother, the house had just been inspected for sinkholes and other related hazards. The inspector hadn’t found anything.


One thought on “Sinkholes in Florida

  1. For an update on this there was another sinkhole open up on March 4th 2013 in Florida within miles of the first. This second sinkhole is said to be about 10-feet deep and is located behind a home. Officials say so far there have been no injuries or damage to nearby homes.

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