Mudslides in Washington State

Heavy rain resulted in flooding damage and mudslides in Stanwood, Washington in February 2012. A reportedly 100-foot mudslide wiped out a home and damaged another at Warm Beach. The houses were located at beach level and were hit by the sliding debris. The woman inside the destroyed home was not injured by the destruction of the house around her, nor were any other injuries reported. To ensure the stability of the hillside, Engineers were called in to ensure the safety of the residents who had been evacuated as a precaution. Another house fell victim to natural disaster when the Pilchuck River near Lake Stevens swept it up. No one was in the house as it had previously been red-tagged. It took about 24 hours of rain to swell the River enough to wash it away around 4am.
Before this incident, two other mudslides hit railroad tracks in Everett, which resulted in the faltering of the Amtrak and Sound Transit runs. Another slide in Burlington, Northern Santa Fe was reported to cover 30 feet of tracks in 5ft deep mud rocks, and trees. No injuries were reported. Extensive flooding plagued the area, Rivers in the Northern Sound, and the Pilchuck River was full of debris, sediments, and anything it could possibly transport downstream.